Antique Wedding Rings

ANTOANETTA is a tremendous jewelry brand made by the European born designer Antoanetta. All through the years she were able to create amazing jewellery pieces, which resulted in many effective tasks and partnerships such as designing a necklace for one of the most watches videos of Britney Spears, Couture shoulder piece for Black eyed peas, necklace for Kelly Rowland and many, many more.

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In my private life that would be my family, always standing tough and supportive of my work. This has been the biggest and most stimulating experience. Artistically I have always admired Alexander McQueen for the constant uniqueness and straightforward ingenuity.

Creating jewelry is an interesting career for Antoanetta and her team. There wasn’t any limitation to what they could create. The amount of historical past, traditions, and stories are boundless, which is why they are continually seeking to develop new designs. Customers who are fans runes, artifacts, symbols and more may be able to come across their statement jewelry out of this brand. Several of the new designs have historical stories which give an enigma to every jewelry.

The jewelries provided by the Antoanetta are Contemporary Classic, Petite Rings, Morganite Rings, Bands, Corset Ring, Necklaces, and Earrings. Several clients claim that the brand tries to serve everyone’s demands. Any kind of inquiries are allowed and highly valued.

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