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If you would have to define yourself the way they grade diamonds, what are your 4C’s?

ANTOANETTA : Clever, Controlling, Creative, Cancer (astrology enthusiast)

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I enjoy working together with valuable metals. I enjoy contradicting colors, textures, shapes… Always interested in experimentation and always intrigued by odd stones and original strategies. Having the ability to work with 3 dimensional software when designing jewellery has brought my collections to a brand new level. However, sometimes I work with wax to make the preliminary model which than gets casted into metal.

Among the best designer rings growing to popularity is the Rose Gold ring. The ideal aspect of it is the color, which appears wonderful with diamonds along with other gemstones. The rose gold band is also well known and used to complement engagement rings. Most of these bands are fragile rings which are thin and light, which makes them great to enhance other rings.

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Antoanetta : I was raised in an artistic environment. My father is a jeweler but in those days I wasn’t as much into it. I was pursuing stage and performing arts and later studied Art History which transition into applied arts. It was not until we reached the States where I actually graduated from Gemological Institute of America with jewellery technology and design. I came to the conclusion that I have never been distant from developing jewellery as all it is, a sculpture on a smaller scale.

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How do you approach a whole new collection? Where do your concepts evolve from?

I think the “collection” is a notion that hits me without much consideration. I am really diverse when it comes to creating jewellery and it is actually influenced by my current state of mind. Therefore, it is not easy to unify pieces under a supposed, collection. It is a lot more like mini collections within a bigger one. Ideas are obscured in plain sight. I notice inspiration in matters that are totally not linked to jewellery or art on the whole. I think ideas are a product of our subconscious.

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