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What materials and techniques do you prefer?

My taste or motivation to work with certain materials changes. I’m presently keen with Rose Gold and Black Diamonds. I believe its soft and really fashionable. I also always enjoyed experimenting with unusual materials. I have used anything from nails, bird nets, tape, water drain pipes, you name it. Making wearable jewellery with an improvised strategy never gets old in my situation.

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What was the very first piece of jewellery you ever crafted? How have your styles evolved?

This is a tricky question to answer. I would point out the first serious piece of jewellery was a ring that I hand chiseled and carved in wax. It’s crafted in silver and contains garnets. My love of textures has encouraged me to make many natural and asymmetrical pieces. I’m presently fascinated in exploring more simplified or minimalist shapes, where less is a lot more.

Making jewelry is a fascinating job for Antoanetta and her team. There was no limitation to what they could create. The amount of history, traditions, and stories are never-ending, that is why they’re constantly desiring to make fresh designs. Clients who are fans runes, artifacts, symbols and a lot more might be able to come across their statement jewelry from this brand. Some of the fresh designs have ancient stories that provide an enigma to each jewelry.

The jewelries provided by the Antoanetta are Modern Classic, Petite Rings, Morganite Rings, Bands, Corset Ring, Necklaces, and Earrings. Many clients claim that the brand tries to cater everyone’s demands. Just about any inquiries are welcome and appreciated.

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The cushion ring is also another option for engagements due to the refined cut and design. The stones are cut into distinct classy shapes such as rectangular or square. There’s a kind of gentleness to the corners of the gem. Overall, it’s an astonishing version of ring. Other kinds of jewelry for special occasions and making assertions are exceptional jewelry, claw ring ear cuff, and ear crawler.

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Inspirations in your life?

As inconsequential it may seem, Nature is one of my main inspirations. You can find intricate shapes in it, you can find simplicity, organic yet organized.

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