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What motivated your present collection?

I can’t say much now because I’m still in the development process, but visualize – technology and the alienation we live in, outfitted in flawless diamonds. How is that?

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One of the best designer rings growing to popularity is the Rose Gold ring. The ideal aspect of it is the color, which appears beautiful with diamonds and other gemstones. The rose gold band is also well-known and utilized to complement engagement rings. Many of these bands are fragile rings that are lean and light, which makes them great to enhance other rings.

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Rose Gold Morganite

What was the very first piece of jewelry you ever made? How have your designs advanced?

This is a tough question to answer. I would claim the first serious piece of jewelry was a ring that I hand chiseled and carved in wax. It’s crafted in silver and contains garnets. My love of textures has encouraged me to make numerous organic and asymmetrical pieces. I’m presently fascinated in discovering more simplified or minimalist figures, where less is a lot more.

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How did you come to discover your gift?

I’ve never gave that much consideration, but I kept hearing people’s opinion about what I do and the demand for my pieces continued to rise. Everyone features talent, it’s all about finding yourself.

Working with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, Antoanetta meets the highest expectations when making custom pieces. “No one could really say where history or art starts… My job would be to translate emotions into precious objects. Making jewelry isn’t a seasonal matter for me and I take every piece seriously and make it a timeless treasure. It’s really exciting to determine how the original idea evolves and becomes a brilliant jewel. The procedure is very fascinating. I’m really happy to be surrounded with a truly talented team as the craftsmanship is very important for me.

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