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I have always made very elaborate in shape pieces. Now I’m all about simplified more minimalist jewellery. I still prefer to give that edgy feel to each of my jewellery but with a stylized look. I’m into much more structured models rather than nature inspired ones.

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Have you got a favorite jewellery designer that you adore?

Totally! I truly admire British designer Shaun Leane. He has attained the perfect stability between Couture and Main stream jewellery. He also worked closely with my other favorite fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

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ANTOANETTA is an amazing jewelry brand produced by the European born designer Antoanetta. Throughout the years she were able to create phenomenal jewellery pieces, which resulted in numerous successful tasks and partnerships including designing a necklace for one of the most watches video clips of Britney Spears, Couture shoulder piece for Black eyed peas, necklace for Kelly Rowland and many, many more.

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In my personal life that would be my family, always standing tough and supportive of my job. This has been the biggest and most encouraging experience. Artistically I have always admired Alexander McQueen for the consistent uniqueness and straightforward creativity.

Each and every collection of Antoanetta’s is a mirror of the brand’s captivation to different stones. There’s a collection made for everybody. There are variations to individuals who really like jewelry like that some search for more female designs, while other look to make powerful statements. The brand doesn’t fall short in providing that to each client. During the designing stage, the team makes sure that most pieces are suitable to the tastes of clients.

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