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When you are looking for the most suitable jewel or for the right present don’t fail to check out the Petite collection. You’ll discover only the best from the best. And Christmas is approaching, so don’t forget to give yourself the very best present – superior quality and extra stunning jewellery by Antoanetta.

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How do you approach a whole new collection? Where do your concepts develop from?

I think the “collection” is a notion that hits me without much thought. I’m very diverse when it comes to creating jewellery and it is actually affected by my current mentality. Thus, it’s difficult to unite pieces under a supposed, collection. It is more like small collections within a bigger one. Concepts are hidden in plain sight. I notice inspiration in matters that are completely not associated with jewellery or art on the whole. I think creative ideas are a product of our subconscious.

Each collection of Antoanetta’s is a mirror of the brand’s fascination to different stones. There is a collection designed for everybody. There are distinctions to individuals who love jewelry like that some search for more feminine designs, while other seek to make solid statements. The brand doesn’t go wrong in offering that to each customer. During the designing phase, the team makes certain that most pieces are ideal to the tastes of customers.

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Every collection of Antoanetta’s is a reflection of the brand’s captivation to different stones. There is a collection intended for everyone. There are variations to people who really love jewelry like that some look for more female designs, while other look to make powerful statements. The brand does not fall short in providing that to each client. During the designing phase, the team makes certain that most pieces are appropriate to the tastes of clients.

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In daily life I’m in all places with my thoughts and emotions. It can be overpowering, but when I design I am really focused and absorbed. Styling jewellery brings stability within me. As long as I am in a creative momentum the entire process of designing goes on autopilot and I never judge it. In this case my impatience plays a favorable purpose here as I always want to accomplish things fast. Thus due dates are crazy inspiring for me, they boost me significantly.

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