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In my private life that would be my family, always standing strong and supportive of my job. This has been the greatest and most stimulating experience. Artistically I have always liked Alexander McQueen for the consistent originality and effortless creativity.

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An Engagement ring usually needs to make a statement. It is a symbol of commitment and getting the next big step in a couple’s relationship. Many men, who would like to propose to their partner, look for the perfect rings that assure to send the message: that he really loves her without any reason. Because there are several designs and kinds of engagement rings, it might be tough to search for the best one. Having said that, you can start by searching through special engagement rings, black diamond, and many more.

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When you’re looking for the best jewel or for the ideal gift don’t forget to check out the Petite collection. You’ll discover only the best from the best. And Christmas time is approaching, so don’t forget to give yourself the very best gift – high quality and extra exquisite jewellery by Antoanetta.

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European born designer Antoanetta Ivanova, presently living in Los Angeles, started her jewelry design profession after graduating from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad. Antoanetta was raised in an artistic environment through her father, a jeweler and Master of the Jewelry Guild. Her background in Fine Arts and Art History lead to no surprise that Antoanetta would be highly involved in the field of Applied Arts. offers pink diamond ring, halo cushion cut engagement rings, mens silver rings, pink morganite engagement ring and Mens Gold Rings

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