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How did you come to discover your gift?

I’ve never gave that much consideration, but I kept hearing people’s impression about what I do and the demand for my pieces continued to go up. Everyone features talent, it’s all about discovering yourself.

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If you would have to express yourself the way they grade diamonds, what are your 4C’s?

ANTOANETTA : Clever, Controlling, Creative, Cancer (zodiac freak)

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Mens Rings

ANTOANETTA presently in Los Angeles and works together with some of the biggest names in Hollywood like Kelly.

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In everyday life I am in all places with my thoughts and emotions. It can be too much to handle, but when I design I am really oriented and absorbed. Designing jewellery brings stability within me. As long as I am in a creative momentum the process of designing moves on autopilot and I never judge it. In this instance my impatience takes on a good purpose here as I constantly want to finish things quickly. Thus deadlines are crazy inspiring for me, they encourage me significantly.

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