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The blue diamonds band appears almost the same as the diamond halo ring however the gemstone is blue. The blue hue of the middle stone is similar to the color of the sea, which is awesome and sparkling. Making use of the finest type of gold to keep the diamond, the gem’s beauty will become the center of the ring. It’s best as an engagement ring, as well.

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How did you come to discover your gift?

I’ve never gave that much thought, but I kept hearing people’s judgment about what I do and the demand for my pieces continued to go up. Everyone possesses talent, it’s all about finding yourself.

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Anything close to me can convey inspiration. Artists, writers and simply random individuals I speak with trigger events of inspiration. When looking at various art and all the shapes in a drawing or even a dress, the pattern and overall structure makes me create pieces of jewellery that carry this same character. I am inspired by “darkness” in all visual and conceptual terms of it.

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If you would need to define yourself the way they grade diamonds, what are your 4C’s?

ANTOANETTA : Clever, Controlling, Creative, Cancer (zodiac enthusiast)

All our jewelry is hand created to perfection utilizing recycled gold and ethically sourced precious and semi-precious stones. Being a 2nd generation jewelers we believe in family traditions and cherish the very aspect of the emotional meaning of every piece we create.

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