Halo Cut Diamond

Anything around me can convey inspiration. Artists, writers and just random individuals I speak with cause moments of inspiration. When looking at different art and all the shapes in a drawing or even a dress, the pattern and entire structure makes me come up with pieces of jewelry that carry this same character. I am inspired by “darkness” in all graphic and conceptual terms of it.

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After attending Fiera di Vicenza in Italy and Cannes Film Festival at the French Riviera, ANTOANETTA is driven to expand the brand also in Europe. Hollywood has risen Antoanetta Ivanova up as a premier name in jewelry designing and she’s now being called for overseas. Highly popular Antoanetta Ivanova is a sure bet to flourish globally, fulfilling jewelry orders for the rich and famous.

What’s your most significant achievement at this point?

My clients reviews! When I hear their excitement after receiving a piece of jewelry from me, I am complete!

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You are invited to explore this site to find information about Halo Cut Diamond.

You are invited to explore this site to find information about Halo Cut Diamond.

Ring Diamond

How do you approach a whole new collection? Where do your concepts evolve from?

I think the “collection” is an idea that strikes me without much consideration. I am very diverse when it comes to creating jewellery and it’s actually motivated by my present mind set. Therefore, it’s tough to unify pieces under a supposed, collection. It is a lot more like mini collections within a larger one. Ideas are hidden in plain sight. I see inspiration in things that are absolutely not relevant to jewellery or art in general. I think ideas are a product of our subconscious mind.

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ANTOANETTA – Great Jewelry To The Stars

Having such a big celebrity clientele such as Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland and the Black Eyed Peas among others, ANTOANETTA is one of the finest jewelry brands in Los Angeles. Founded by European born designer Antoanetta Ivanova, ANTOANETTA brings the best standards when making jewelry. As ANTOANETTA assures their clients the most lavish pieces of jewelry, each design is curated with a special touch from Antoanetta Ivanova herself.

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