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Having such a big celebrity clientele such as Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland and also the Black Eyed Peas among others, ANTOANETTA is among the best jewelry brands in Los Angeles. Developed by European born designer Antoanetta Ivanova, ANTOANETTA brings the highest standards when making jewelry. As ANTOANETTA ensures their clients the most luxurious pieces of jewelry, every design is curated with a special touch from Antoanetta Ivanova herself.

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The Diamond Halo ring is among the most famous rings purchased by gentlemen. The main diamond isn’t too big, which why it’s well suited for some women. A halo ring has a center gemstone and the rest of the ring’s surface is lined with expensive diamonds. It is the dream ring of countless fiancées out there. Though it is classic, it saves the art form of proposing.

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The majority of the jewelry in Antoanetta is made up of one of a kind rings. Since it is a fine jewelry brand, engagement rings, wedding rings, and statement rings are supplied. In the brand’s website, one can see rings with different stone attractively crafted. The website also provides info on the inspiration behind a few of the rings that Antoanetta created. Mainly, these inspirations come from ancient stories translated into a piece of jewelry.

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If I need to choose one piece that I put on and like to wear everyday, I would say the Claw Ring. This is one of my personal favorite and most comfortable pieces that fits informal wear and evening wear.

ANTOANETTA lovely designs were included in several magazines. Working together with a few of the major names in Hollywood, Antoanetta successfully fulfills the highest anticipations when developing custom pieces. It’s striking how impeccable, authentic and stylish are all of her custom designs.

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