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An Engagement ring usually needs to make a statement. It is a symbol of commitment and getting the next huge step in a couple’s relationship. Most men, who would like to propose to their partner, search for the ideal rings which guarantee to send the message: that he loves her without condition. Because there are numerous designs and kinds of engagement rings, it might be challenging to seek out the right one. On the other hand, you can start by searching through special engagement rings, black diamond, and more.

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Working with a few of the biggest names in Hollywood, Antoanetta meets the highest expectations when making custom pieces. “No one can really say where history or art starts… My job would be to translate emotions into precious objects. Making jewelry is not a seasonal matter for me and I take every piece very seriously and make it a timeless treasure. It’s really interesting to determine how the original idea evolves and becomes a brilliant jewel. The procedure is very interesting. I’m extremely thankful to be encircled with a truly talented team as the craftsmanship is of utmost importance for me.

The Diamond Halo ring is among the most popular rings purchased by men. The main diamond isn’t too big, which why it is great for a lot of women. A halo ring has got a middle gemstone and the rest of the ring’s surface is lined with expensive diamonds. It is the dream ring of several fiancées out there. Even though it is classic, it saves the art of proposing.

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