1 Carat Diamond Ring

Antoanetta : I was raised in Bulgaria which is a small country in Eastern Europe. These were the final years of the Communist regime there and as you may know everything was really restrictive. We weren’t permitted to travel, we didn’t have access to Western culture and we couldn’t even have more than a particular amount of gold believe it or not. After the Wall fell down of course the first thing my family did was to step out and see the world. We lived in France, Germany, and UK before we ultimately came to the United States.

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I enjoy working with valuable metals. I enjoy contradicting shapes, colors, textures… Often fascinated in experimentation and often intrigued by odd stones and original strategies. Having the ability to work with 3 dimensional software when styling jewellery has taken my collections to a totally new level. Nonetheless, sometimes I work with wax to make the preliminary model which than gets casted into metal.

ANTOANETTA gorgeous designs were added in many publications. Working together with some of the most significant names in Hollywood, Antoanetta effectively satisfies the maximum anticipations when developing custom pieces. It’s notable how impeccable, unique and elegant are all of her custom designs.

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1 Carat Diamond

ANTOANETTA presently lives in Los Angeles and works together with some of the biggest names in Hollywood such as The Black Eyed Peas and Kelly Rowland.

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Antoanetta : I was raised in an artistic surrounding. My father is a jeweler but in those days I was not as much into it. I was pursuing stage and performing arts and later studied Art History which transition into applied arts. It was not until we reached the States where I actually graduated from Gemological Institute of America with jewellery technology and design. I determined that I have never been far from designing jewellery as all it is, a sculpture on a smaller scale.

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