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Morganite is a beryl that comes in a peach-pink hue. The morganite ring is wanted by some women because of its elegant color. Because of its popularity with most women, this ring is commonly advised to guys who wish to propose to their partners. By choosing the best cut of the stone, the ring must match her wonderfully.

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Many of my sales are online, so it would be tough to highlight who my customers are. In regard to the ones I have worked on customized pieces with, I would say they are individuals with characterized preference, seeking something strange and distinctive. From all the feedback I am getting I notice folks are appreciating my ability to make a twist to established ideas.

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Creating jewelry is an interesting line of work for Antoanetta and her team. There was no limitation to what they could create. The quantity of historical past, traditions, and stories are never-ending, that is why they’re continually looking to make new designs. Clients who’re fans runes, artifacts, symbols and a lot more may be able to find their statement jewelry out of this brand. Some of the new designs have ancient stories which give an enigma to each jewelry.

The jewelries offered by the Antoanetta are Modern Classic, Petite Rings, Morganite Rings, Bands, Corset Ring, Necklaces, and Earrings. Several customers claim that the brand attempts to serve everyone’s demands. Any questions are allowed and highly valued.

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My customers comments! When I see their joy after getting a piece of jewelry from me, I’m complete!

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