Womens Wedding Band


European born designer, Antoanetta, currently residing in Los Angeles, started her jewellery design career after graduating from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad.

She was raised in an artistic environment by her dad, a jeweler and Master of the Jewelry Guild. Her background in Fine Arts and Art History bring no wonder that Antoanetta will be highly involved in the field of Applied Arts.

Working with some of the major names in Hollywood , Antoanetta meets the highest expectations when designing customized pieces.

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Each and every collection of Antoanetta’s is a reflection of the brand’s fascination to several stones. There’s a collection designed for everyone. There are distinctions to people who love jewelry such as that some search for more women designs, while other look to make strong statements. The brand doesn’t fall short in offering that to each customer. During the designing level, the team makes sure that most pieces are appropriate to the tastes of clients.

What’s your most excellent achievement so far?

My customers reviews! When I see their exhilaration after getting a piece of jewelry from me, I’m complete!

Fine Jewelry L.A. – Womens Wedding Band

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