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Creating jewelry is an interesting line of work for Antoanetta and her team. There was no limit to what they could create. The quantity of history, traditions, and stories are boundless, that is why they’re continually seeking to develop new designs. Customers who are fans runes, artifacts, symbols and a lot more may be able to uncover their statement jewelry from this brand. A few of the new designs have historic stories that give an enigma to each and every jewelry.

The jewelries provided by the Antoanetta are Contemporary Classic, Petite Rings, Morganite Rings, Bands, Corset Ring, Necklaces, and Earrings. Several customers claim that the brand tries to cater everyone’s demands. Just about any questions are welcome and highly valued.

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ANTOANETTA is one of the most desired for brand when it comes to excellent jewelry. The founder, Antoanetta Ivanova, made the brand with desires of sustaining traditions in different homes. She is from Europe and was brought up by parents who were also employed in the jewelry industry. The brand was developed right after she finished the distinguished Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, where her Fine Arts and Art History became one of the foundations for her career. According to Antoanetta, there’s a narrative that she really wants to say through each jewelry she and her workforce designs.

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