Wedding Rings for Men

Almost all of the jewelry in Antoanetta is comprised of unique rings. As it is a fine jewelry brand, proposal rings, wedding rings, and statement rings are provided. In the brand’s site, one can see rings with different stone magnificently designed. The website also offers info on the inspiration behind some of the rings that Antoanetta created. Mostly, these inspirations derive from ancient stories converted into a piece of jewelry.

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ANTOANETTA is a remarkable jewelry brand created by the European born designer Antoanetta. Throughout the years she managed to come up with phenomenal jewellery pieces, which led to several effective tasks and partnerships including styling a necklace for one of the most watches videos of Britney Spears, Couture shoulder piece for Black eyed peas, necklace for Kelly Rowland and many, many more.

Right after attending Fiera di Vicenza in Italy and Cannes Film Festival at the French Riviera, ANTOANETTA is driven to grow the brand also in Europe. Hollywood has risen Antoanetta Ivanova up as a top name in jewelry designing and she is now being called for overseas. Highly in demand Antoanetta Ivanova is a sure bet to be successful globally, fulfilling jewelry orders for the famous and rich.

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