Unusual Rings

Anything around me can bring inspiration. Artists, authors and simply random individuals I communicate with trigger moments of inspiration. When looking at different art and all the figures in a drawing or even a dress, the pattern and overall structure makes me create pieces of jewellery that carry this same personality. I am inspired by “darkness” in all visual and conceptual terms of it.

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ANTOANETTA is regarded as the most sought-after for brand with regards to high-quality jewelry. The founder, Antoanetta Ivanova, created the brand with dreams of conserving traditions in various houses. She is from Europe and was brought up by parents who were also employed in the jewelry industry. The brand was founded after she graduated from the distinguished Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, where her Fine Arts and Art History became among the foundations for her profession. According to Antoanetta, there is a story that she wants to say through every jewelry she and her staff designs.

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