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Antoanetta is a popular brand of jewelry to many celebrities in Hollywood. The jewelry developed by the brand does not only tell feelings but also makes assertions. The designs show simply how much Antoanetta spends in making her jewelry and ensuring that every client likes it. She really feels excited whenever a new design crops up and she knows that it will become another priceless piece. With every piece fascinating the finest names in the entertainment market, the brand absolutely succeeds in its endeavors.

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What was the first piece of jewelry you ever crafted? How have your styles developed?

This is a tricky question to respond to. I would mention the first significant piece of jewelry was a ring that I hand chiseled and carved in wax. It’s crafted in silver and contains garnets. My love of textures has pushed me to make several natural and asymmetrical pieces. I’m currently interested in discovering more simplified or minimalist figures, where less is more. offers engagement rings halo, most popular engagement rings, gold diamond wedding rings, wedding band ring and Ruby Jewelry offers Ruby Jewelry, jewelry… and More !

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