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Alternative Wedding Rings are non-conventional wedding ring styles. The majority of couples looking for non-traditional rings do not go for diamonds or even common stones. A few of these rings derive from distinct metals each hand crafted to be one of a kind. There is also the black diamond ring and the unnatural wedding band for those who would like to stray away from the norms.

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How do you approach a brand new collection? Where do your ideas evolve from?

I believe the “collection” is a concept that strikes me without much consideration. I am really diverse when it comes to producing jewellery and it is really motivated by my current frame of mind. Therefore, it’s difficult to unite pieces under a so called, collection. It’s more like mini collections within a bigger one. Ideas are concealed in plain view. I see inspiration in things that are completely not relevant to jewellery or art in general. I believe creative ideas are a product of our subconscious.

How did you come to realize your gift?

I’ve never gave that much thought, but I kept hearing people’s opinion about what I do and the demand for my pieces continued to go up. Everyone features talent, it’s all about finding yourself.

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