Ring Wedding

Every jewelry created is hand made by skilled artists, who have a similar perspectives as Antoanetta. The brand utilizes semi-precious stones and recycled gold as base for their jewelry. The other design is deliberately crafted perfectly, making sure that each piece tells the story of feelings. Family traditions would be the heart of the brand and in jewelry. These different feelings are translated and preserved in every piece produced by the artists.

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What is your most excellent achievement so far?

My customers feedback! When I hear their exhilaration after getting a piece of jewelry from me, I am complete!

Many of my sales are web-based, so it would be very difficult to highlight who my clients are. In regard to the ones I have worked on custom pieces with, I would say they are individuals with characterized preference, searching for something unusual and different. From all the comments I am getting I see people are admiring my capacity to offer a twist to established concepts.

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