Ring Jewelry

If I need to select one piece that I wear and like to wear daily, I would say the Claw Ring. This is one of my personal favorite and most comfortable pieces that goes with informal wear and evening wear.

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How do you go about making a new piece? I’d wish to find out about your design process-selecting, materials, design development, etc.

The way I approach a whole new piece relies on the end result I wish to achieve. When it is a customized piece there are certain factors that are already in position, like stones, sentimental ideas and so on. When it is a 100% product of my imagination, I don’t set any limitations. I sketch it or carve it directly in wax and sometimes I fabricate it straight from metal. I’ll utilize CAD/CAM if I need that excellent symmetry and accuracy even though I now can make some lovely natural pieces in CAD as well.

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