Ring Bands

How do you deal with a new collection? Where do your concepts develop from?

I think the “collection” is a concept that hits me without much consideration. I’m very diverse in terms of producing jewellery and it is actually affected by my present mentality. Therefore, it is hard to unify pieces under a so called, collection. It’s a lot more like small collections within a larger one. Concepts are concealed in plain sight. I notice inspiration in matters that are absolutely not related to jewellery or art on the whole. I think creative ideas are a product of our subconscious mind.

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I have always made very complicated in shape pieces. Now I’m all about simplified more minimalist jewellery. I still love to provide that edgy feel to each of my jewellery but with a stylized appearance. I’m into much more structured figures rather than nature influenced ones.

ANTOANETTA is an excellent Jewelry brand established by designer, Antoanetta Ivanova.

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We advise you to browse our website content to learn about Ring Bands.

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