Oval Engagement Rings

When you are on the hunt for the ideal jewel or for the right present do not fail to visit the Petite collection. You’ll find only the best from the best. And Christmas is coming, so don’t fail to give yourself the ideal present – superior quality and extra beautiful jewellery by Antoanetta.

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In my personal life that would be my family, always standing tough and supportive of my job. This has been the biggest and most stimulating experience. Artistically I have always appreciated Alexander McQueen for the continual uniqueness and straightforward creativity.

What materials and techniques do you favor?

My preference or motivation to handle specific materials varies. I am currently engaged with Rose Gold and Black Diamonds. I believe its soft and really fashionable. I also always enjoyed testing unusual materials. I have utilized anything from nails, bird nets, tape, water drain pipes, you name it. Creating wearable jewelry with an improvised technique never gets outdated for me.

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