Morganite Stone

How do you begin producing a new piece? I’d love to find out about your design process-selecting, materials, design development, etc.

The way I approach a new piece relies on the outcome I want to accomplish. When it’s a custom piece there are specific aspects that are already in position, such as stones, sentimental concepts and so on. When it’s a 100% product of my imagination, I do not put any restrictions. I sketch it or carve it directly in wax and sometimes I fabricate it straight from metal. I’ll utilize CAD/CAM if I need that outstanding proportion and accuracy although I now can create some beautiful natural pieces in CAD too.

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The blue diamonds band looks almost the same as the diamond halo ring but the gemstone is blue. The blue shade of the center stone is like the color of the ocean, which is cool and glistening. Making use of the best type of gold to hold the diamond, the gem’s beauty will become the focus of the ring. It is best as an engagement ring, also.

In my private life that would be my family, always standing tough and supportive of my job. This has been the biggest and most encouraging experience. Artistically I have always admired Alexander McQueen for the consistent uniqueness and straightforward ingenuity.

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