Morganite Pendant

The Diamond Halo ring is one of the most in-demand rings acquired by men. The main diamond isn’t too big, which why it is great for a lot of women. A halo ring has a middle gemstone and the rest of the ring’s surface is lined with expensive diamonds. It is the dream ring of many fiancées out there. Even though it is traditional, it retains the art form of proposing.

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What is upcoming for ANTOANETTA?

The attention in my jewellery is increasing and I have acquired some fairly appealing propositions from Asia, so I would point out that’s next!

A lot of my sales are web-based, so it would be tough to point out who my customers are. In regard to the ones I have worked on customized pieces with, I would say they are individuals with specified preference, seeking something unconventional and different. From all the opinions I am getting I see folks are admiring my ability to make a twist to established ideas.

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