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Antoanetta : I was raised in an artistic surrounding. My dad is a jeweler but in those days I wasn’t as much involved with it. I was going after stage and performing arts and later studied Art History which transition into applied arts. It was not until we reached the States where I actually graduated from Gemological Institute of America with jewellery design and technology. I determined that I have never been distant from developing jewellery as all it is, a sculpture on a smaller scale.

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What materials and strategies do you opt for?

My preference or drive to use specific materials changes. I am presently keen with Rose Gold and Black Diamonds. I believe its soft and really fashionable. I also always loved tinkering with unusual materials. I have utilized anything from nails, bird nets, tape, water drain pipes, you name it. Producing wearable jewelry with an improvised tactic never gets old for me.


European born designer, Antoanetta, presently living in Los Angeles, commenced her jewellery design career after graduating from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad.

She was brought up in an artistic surrounding by her father, a jeweler and Master of the Jewelry Guild. Her background in Fine Arts and Art History deliver no wonder that Antoanetta will be highly involved in the field of Applied Arts.

Working together with some of the most significant names in Hollywood , Antoanetta meets the highest expectations when designing custom pieces.

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