Halo Wedding Rings

Antoanetta is a trendy brand of jewelry to many superstars in Hollywood. The jewelry produced by the brand does not only tell feelings but also makes assertions. The designs show just how much Antoanetta spends in crafting her jewelry and making sure that each and every client likes it. She feels thrilled whenever a new design crops up and she is aware that it can be another priceless piece. With each and every piece fascinating the biggest names in the entertainment industry, the brand certainly becomes successful in its endeavors.

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Working with a few of the greatest names in Hollywood, Antoanetta meets the highest expectations when designing custom pieces. “No one could really say where history or art starts… My job would be to translate emotions into precious objects. Making jewelry isn’t a seasonal matter for me and I take every piece seriously and make it a timeless treasure. It’s really exciting to see how the original idea evolves and turns into a brilliant jewel. The process is very interesting. I am really thankful to be surrounded with a truly talented team as the craftsmanship is very important for me.

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