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Antoanetta : I was raised in Bulgaria which is a small country in Eastern Europe. These were the last years of the Communist regime there and as you may know everything was really limited. We weren’t allowed to travel, we didn’t have access to Western culture and we couldn’t even have more than a certain amount of gold believe it or not. After the Wall fell down of course the first thing my family did was to step out and see the world. We lived in France, Germany, and UK before we ultimately came to the United States.

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Antoanetta is a well known brand of jewelry to several superstars in Hollywood. The jewelry made by the brand does not only tell feelings but also makes assertions. The designs show simply how much Antoanetta spends in making her jewelry and ensuring that each and every client loves it. She really feels thrilled whenever a new design comes up and she knows that it can be another priceless piece. With every piece fascinating the biggest names in the entertainment industry, the brand definitely becomes successful in its ventures.

What was the first piece of jewellery you ever made? How have your concepts developed?

This is a tough question to answer. I would point out the first significant piece of jewellery was a ring that I hand chiseled and carved in wax. It is made in silver and contains garnets. My love of textures has encouraged me to develop several organic and asymmetrical pieces. I’m presently interested in discovering more simplified or minimalist figures, where less is a lot more.

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