Gold Diamond Rings

A lot of my sales are online, so it would be hard to highlight who my clients are. In regard to the ones I have worked on customized pieces with, I would say they are individuals with specified taste, searching for something uncommon and distinctive. From all the comments I am receiving I see individuals are admiring my ability to give a twist to old ideas.

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Alternative Wedding Rings are non-conventional wedding ring styles. The majority of couples seeking non-traditional rings do not go for diamonds or common stones. A few of these rings derive from different metals each hand created to be exceptional. There is also the black diamond ring and the unnatural wedding band for those who wish to stray away from the norms.

I have always made very sophisticated in shape pieces. Now I am all about simplified more minimalist jewellery. I still love to provide that edgy feel to each of my jewelry but with a stylized appearance. I am into much more structured models rather than nature influenced ones.

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