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In everyday life I am in all places with my thoughts and emotions. It can be mind-boggling, but when I design I am really focused and absorbed. Styling jewellery gives harmony within me. As long as I’m in a creative momentum the entire process of designing moves on autopilot and I never judge it. In this case my impatience takes on a positive role here as I constantly want to complete matters quickly. Thus due dates are crazy inspiring for me, they motivate me considerably.

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I have always made very elaborate in shape pieces. Now I am all about simplified more minimalist jewellery. I still love to provide that edgy feel to each of my jewelry but with a stylized look. I am into much more structured shapes rather than nature motivated ones.

What inspired your current collection?

I cannot point out much now because I’m still in the creation process, but envision – modern technology and the alienation we live in, dressed in exquisite diamonds. How’s that?

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