Engagement Rings Halo

How do you start making a new piece? I’d like to find out about your style process-selecting, materials, design development, etc.

The way I approach a whole new piece relies on the outcome I want to achieve. When it is a custom piece there are specific factors that are already in position, like stones, sentimental ideas and so on. When it is a 100% product of my imagination, I do not put any restrictions. I sketch it or carve it directly in wax and sometimes I create it straight from metal. I’ll make use of CAD/CAM if I require that excellent symmetry and accuracy even though I now can produce some beautiful natural pieces in CAD too.

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Every jewelry designed is handcrafted by professional artists, who have the same viewpoints as Antoanetta. The brand utilizes semi-precious stones and recycled gold as base for their jewelry. The other design is intentionally created to perfection, ensuring that every piece tells the story of emotions. Family traditions would be the heart of the brand and in jewelry. These differing emotions are converted and preserved in every piece created by the artisans.

Morganite is a beryl that comes in a peach-pink hue. The morganite ring is wanted by some women because of its elegant color. Due to its popularity with most ladies, this ring is usually advised to men who want to propose to their lovers. By selecting the right cut of the stone, the ring should fit her beautifully.

Feel free to browse our site to find info about Engagement Rings Halo.

Fine Jewelry L.A. – Engagement Rings Halo

Feel free to browse our site to find info about Engagement Rings Halo.

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