Emerald Cut Diamond

ANTOANETTA is regarded as the most sought-after for brand when it comes to fine jewelry. The creator, Antoanetta Ivanova, made the brand with desires of preserving traditions in several houses. She is from Europe and was brought up by parents who were also working in the jewelry business. The brand was developed right after she completed the distinguished Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, where her Fine Arts and Art History became one of the basis for her professional career. According to Antoanetta, there is a narrative that she really wants to say through every jewelry she and her staff designs.

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The Diamond Halo ring is among the most famous rings bought by gentlemen. The main diamond is not too large, which why it is well suited for some women. A halo ring has got a center gemstone and the rest of the ring’s surface is lined with expensive diamonds. It is the dream ring of many fiancées out there. Even though it is traditional, it saves the art of proposing.

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