Diamond Halo

How do you go about producing a new piece? I’d love to learn about your design process-choosing, materials, design development, etc.

The way I deal with a whole new piece depends on the outcome I want to accomplish. When it’s a customized piece there are certain aspects that are already in place, like stones, sentimental ideas and so on. When it’s a 100% product of my creative imagination, I don’t put any boundaries. I sketch it or carve it straight in wax and sometimes I fabricate it straight from metal. I’ll utilize CAD/CAM if I require that remarkable symmetry and precision although I now can make some pretty natural pieces in CAD too.

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ANTOANETTA is considered the most sought for brand when it comes to first-class jewelry. The creator, Antoanetta Ivanova, created the brand with dreams of keeping traditions in various homes. She’s from Europe and was nurtured by parents who were also working in the jewelry industry. The brand was founded after she completed the distinguished Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, where her Fine Arts and Art History became among the basis for her career. According to Antoanetta, there is a narrative that she really wants to tell through every jewelry she and her crew designs.

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