Diamond Engagement

Alternative Wedding Rings are non-conventional wedding ring designs. Most couples searching for non-traditional rings do not opt for diamonds or common stones. Some of these rings derive from different metals each hand created to be special. There’s also the black diamond ring and the unnatural wedding band for those who wish to stray away from the norms.

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European born designer, Antoanetta, currently residing in Los Angeles, began her jewelry design career after graduating from the renowned Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad.

She was raised in an artistic surrounding by her dad, a jeweler and Master of the Jewelry Guild. Her track record in Fine Arts and Art History lead to no surprise that Antoanetta will be strongly involved in the field of Applied Arts.

Working together with some of the biggest names in Hollywood , Antoanetta fulfills the highest expectations when designing custom pieces.

Anything around me can convey inspiration. Artists, authors and just random individuals I talk to provoke events of inspiration. When checking out various art and all the shapes in a drawing or even a dress, the pattern and entire structure makes me come up with pieces of jewellery that carry this same personality. I am inspired by “darkness” in all visual and conceptual terms of it.

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