Diamond Earrings

ANTOANETTA is considered the most desired for brand with regards to first-class jewelry. The creator, Antoanetta Ivanova, come up with the brand with desires of keeping traditions in several homes. She is from Europe and was nurtured by parents who were also employed in the jewelry business. The brand was founded right after she graduated from the distinguished Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, where her Fine Arts and Art History became one of the basis for her profession. As stated by Antoanetta, there is a narrative that she wants to say through each jewelry she and her staff designs.

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In daily life I am in all places with my thoughts and emotions. It can be overwhelming, but when I design I’m really focused and absorbed. Designing jewellery brings balance in me. As long as I am in a creative momentum the entire process of designing moves on autopilot and I never judge it. In this case my impatience plays a positive purpose here as I always wish to finish matters quickly. Thus output deadlines are crazy inspiring for me, they boost me significantly.

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