Custom Wedding Bands

How do you start developing a new piece? I’d wish to find out about your design process-choosing, materials, design development, etc.

The way I deal with a whole new piece depends on the end result I would like to accomplish. When it’s a custom piece there are specific aspects that are already in position, such as stones, sentimental concepts and so on. When it’s a 100% product of my mind, I don’t set any limitations. I sketch it or carve it straight in wax and sometimes I fabricate it right from metal. I’ll utilize CAD/CAM if I need that remarkable symmetry and accuracy although I now can generate some attractive organic pieces in CAD as well.

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European born designer Antoanetta Ivanova, currently residing in Los Angeles, started out her jewelry design career after graduating from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad. Antoanetta was raised in an artistic surroundings through her father, a jeweler and Master of the Jewelry Guild. Her background in Fine Arts as well as Art History lead to no surprise that Antoanetta would be strongly involved in the field of Applied Arts.

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