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The Diamond Halo ring is one of the most famous rings acquired by gentlemen. The main diamond is not too large, which why it’s ideal for many women. A halo ring has a center gemstone and the rest of the ring’s surface is lined with expensive diamonds. It’s the dream ring of several fiancées out there. Though it is traditional, it preserves the art of proposing.

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Each and every collection of Antoanetta’s is a mirror of the brand’s captivation to several stones. There is a collection generated for everyone. There are variations to individuals who like jewelry like that some search for more women designs, while other seek to make solid statements. The brand doesn’t fall short in offering that to every client. During the designing level, the team ensures that most pieces are suitable to the tastes of customers.

Antoanetta : I was raised in an artistic surrounding. My dad is a jeweler but in those days I wasn’t as much involved with it. I was going after stage and performing arts and later studied Art History which move into applied arts. It was not until we reached the States where I actually graduated from Gemological Institute of America with jewellery technology and design. I determined that I have never been distant from developing jewellery as all it is, a sculpture on a smaller scale.

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