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ANTOANETTA is regarded as the most desired for brand in terms of high-quality jewelry. The creator, Antoanetta Ivanova, come up with the brand with desires of preserving traditions in several homes. She’s from Europe and was nurtured by parents who were also working in the jewelry sector. The brand was developed right after she completed the prestigious Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, where her Fine Arts and Art History became one of the basis for her line of business. As stated by Antoanetta, there is a narrative that she really wants to say through every jewelry she and her crew designs.

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How do you begin creating a new piece? I’d like to learn about your style process-selecting, materials, design development, etc.

The way I approach a whole new piece relies on the outcome I wish to attain. When it’s a customized piece there are particular aspects that are already in position, like stones, sentimental ideas and so on. When it’s a 100% product of my creative imagination, I do not set any boundaries. I sketch it or carve it straight in wax and sometimes I create it right from metal. I’ll make use of CAD/CAM if I require that remarkable proportion and accuracy although I now can create some lovely natural pieces in CAD too.

Antoanetta : I was raised in an artistic surrounding. My dad is a jeweler but at that time I was not as much into it. I was pursuing stage and performing arts and later studied Art History which transition into applied arts. It wasn’t until we reached the States where I actually graduated from Gemological Institute of America with jewellery technology and design. I came to the conclusion that I have never been far from creating jewelry as all it is, a sculpture on a smaller scale.

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