Black Diamond

ANTOANETTA presently lives in Los Angeles and works together with some of the greatest names in Hollywood such as The Black Eyed Peas and Kelly Rowland.

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If you would need to define yourself the way they grade diamonds, what exactly are your 4C’s?

ANTOANETTA : Clever, Controlling, Creative, Cancer (zodiac freak)

Antoanetta : I was raised in Bulgaria which is a small country in Eastern Europe. These were the final years of the Communist regime there and as you may know everything was very restrictive. We were not granted to take a trip, we didn’t have access to Western customs and we couldn’t even possess more than a particular amount of gold truth be told. After the Wall fell down of course the first thing my family did was to go out and view the world. We lived in France, Germany, and UK before we finally got to the United States.

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