Amethyst Rings

How do you deal with a whole new collection? Where do your concepts evolve from?

I think the “collection” is a notion that hits me without much consideration. I’m very diverse in terms of making jewellery and it’s actually affected by my present frame of mind. Therefore, it’s difficult to unite pieces under a supposed, collection. It is more like small collections within a bigger one. Concepts are concealed in plain view. I find inspiration in matters that are totally not linked to jewellery or art in general. I believe creative ideas are a product of our subconscious.

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An Engagement ring normally needs to develop a statement. It is a symbol of commitment and taking the next big step in a couple’s relationship. Most men, who wish to propose to their partner, look for the ideal rings that assure to send the message: that he loves her without condition. Because there are several designs and kinds of engagement rings, it may be challenging to look for the best one. Having said that, you can start by searching through unique engagement rings, black diamond, and a lot more.

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