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Each and every collection of Antoanetta’s is a mirror of the brand’s captivation to various stones. There is a collection designed for everybody. There are variations to people who really like jewelry such as that some search for more female designs, while other seek to make strong statements. The brand doesn’t fall short in offering that to every customer. During the designing level, the team makes sure that most pieces are suitable to the tastes of customers.

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Marriage Rings

Alternative Wedding Rings are non-conventional wedding ring styles. Nearly all couples looking for non-traditional rings do not go for diamonds or even common stones. Many of these rings derive from distinct metals both hands made to be unique. There is also the black diamond ring and the unusual wedding band for individuals who wish to stray away from the standards.

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Antoanetta Ivanova is a fine jewellery designer in Los Angeles. Her jewelry pieces are donned by famous people such as, Britney Spears, Kelly Rowland, Taboo (Black Eyed Peas), Sylvie Vartan and a lot more. This interview was done right after her exhibit in Milan, Italy where she presented her new fashion jewellery line Black Cyberia as one of the leading designers selected by Not Just A Label.

I have always made very sophisticated in shape pieces. Now I’m all about simplified more minimalist jewellery. I still prefer to give that edgy feel to each of my jewellery but with a stylized appearance. I’m into much more structured figures rather than nature inspired ones. offers Marriage Rings, engagement rings for women… and More !

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